I am a photographer with a passion for capturing moments, both big and small. I discovered my passion while I was stationed in Germany with the US Army. While there, I nearly lost myself in a world of history and culture that I had only ever dreamed that I would see. I spent every day seeking new experiences, capturing moments, and looking for that perfect composition........... the single moment of perfect beauty.

I now focus on four different types of photography. I strive for the challenge of capturing the heavens through astrophotography. I explore the tiny realm of insects. I seek to capture the natural world of wildlife. Finally, I hearken back to my many travels by capturing dreamy landscapes. For me, every shot is an attempt to capture magic. Every shot is an attempt to share something I experienced, in an attempt to kindle some magical part of your soul.


I truly hope you enjoy browsing my work. Please feel free to reach out to me with questions, concerns, or feedback. Thank you! 

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