Western Australia Kalbarri National Park

I am a photographer with a passion for capturing moments, and a talent for sharing those moments. I am originally from Iowa, but have traveled around the world a couple of times. From the cathedrals in Europe, to the Outback in Australia, I discovered a gift for capturing landscapes and compositions that inspire emotions of all kinds. My travels may have kindled my interest, but the fire I have burning inside me drives me to continue my explorations in an effort to share special moments with you!

I have a keen interest in sharing magical landscapes of all kinds. Country settings, wilderness areas, cityscapes, abandoned houses, and beautiful waterfalls are among some of the landscapes I seek to share. 

My passion extends to exploring the wild souls that roam the wilderness. Some of these animals are common, some are rare and elusive. Capturing them in photos provides a glimpse of these amazing spirits. The striking beauty of some of this wildlife never ceases to amaze me!

I am committed to photographing the awe-inspiring Universe in all its glory. From the Milky Way to distant galaxies, the heavenly bodies provide a glimpse into just how small we really are. 

Switching from the infinitely big to the incredibly small, the inner forces are a sight to behold. I endeavor to capture these tiny creations, from insects to water drops, The wide range of photography I pursue keeps me actively engaged, and constantly striving to improve my skills. 


I truly hope you enjoy browsing my work. Please feel free to reach out to me with questions, concerns, or feedback. Thank you! 

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